Guilt and Shame

Guilt versus Shame has been a specific issue I've been considering. Finally realizing that they are different, not just in definition but in its core.

What Are Video Games Teaching Us?

Video games effect our daily activity. A few points are seriously poignant to me when I really started thinking about what they were. I hope to lay out some here.

Rating Systems: What does it mean?

The lack of standardized rating systems sucks. There’s so many ways to rate something that you begin to lose all understanding what what something means. Even systems designed to simplify things muddy the waters, because they often lack the granularity that allows for meaning to be derived. I’ll offer a guide…

Let's All Eat Cake

Ever heard the saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it too."? What does that mean. Think about it, if I have cake... I'm going to eat it. Seriously, why can't I have cake and eat it as well?
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