I'm 3 parts Husband, 2 parts Father, 1 part Geek, 2 parts Christ-follower, 6 parts Sarcasm, and 9 parts Sexy...wait...that's too many parts.

Here I wax poetic, perambulate a bit, read profusely, offer hot opinions, code...I'm a coder..., jam, watch movie films, my stories, and gameplay.



Not shocking, anyone that is continuing to rely on Google products that's not heavily attached to ad revenue are using at your own risk. https://t.co/VF4JT0vMa6

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The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis
The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis
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Interesting book. There were some really interesting things to look at and stuff to take advantage of but there was more here that I was unsure if I 100% agreed with as well. Liked that is stoked more thoughts than previous reads.

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