Guilt and Shame

faith thoughts

Guilt versus Shame has been a specific issue I’ve been considering. For a long time, I considered them synonymous. Through discussions with other people, counselors, and my reading; I’ve come to realize they are different. Different not in just how they are defined, but different in their core. Definitions Guilt is defined by Webster as: : the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially violating law and involving a penalty
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What Are Video Games Teaching Us?

commentary thoughts

I was listening to a podcast the other day that spoke about (as an aside) how video games effect daily activity. A number of points became seriously poignant to me when I really started thinking about what they were talking about. I hope to lay out some points of thought here. Preface I first need you to understand that I am not a video game sensationalist. I have seen the studies and seen other things shown, but I don’t believe that the violence in video games are destroying our youth.
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Rating Systems: What does it mean?

geek thoughts review

The lack of standardized rating systems sucks. There’s so many ways to rate something that you begin to lose all understanding what what something means. Even systems designed to simplify things muddy the waters, because they often lack the granularity that allows for meaning to be derived. I’ll offer a guide… TL/DR - After distilling all other rating systems, this is where I sit when I rate things. Current Systems There’s a ton of rating systems out there but, in most cases, they follow a simple numerical ranking to the need.
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Let's All Eat Cake

commentary thoughts

Ever heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”? What does that mean. Think about it, if I have cake… I’m going to eat it. Seriously, why can’t I have cake and eat it as well? I know I can… Lately I’ve been thinking about the things we say. Words have meaning. And although I’m a mess of incorrect word usage, things like this make me think a bit.
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A New Hope for the Last Jedi

movies thoughts

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is about to be released and since they announced the title, I’ve had a theory that I’ve really wanted to hope come true. A brief analysis of the previous films and a few comments from the previews for the new file–taken completely out of context–leads me to what I hope happens for The Last Jedi. We’ll see though, won’t we. Balance to The Force What does it mean to bring balance to The Force?
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