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I’m currently working to update my website. It is really fun to find things and rebuild…but that’s for a different post. I’ve found it pretty difficult to build the front-page content for this one though. My current page is full of me and my life, from showing tweets, links, television, and the like. I really like this type of lifestreaming approach, I even worked with this topic on the lifestreamblog website.

One issue I have is the shear quantity of information on the front page and the overwhelming presentation if provides. I love looking at it, but not sure anyone else really does. So in this rebuild I wanted to explore what’s out there to see if there’s some inspiration I can take in making a new site.

There’s some really great sites out there that look wonderful but it lead me to a couple key takeaways.

  1. It appears the average person doesn’t have just a regular site.
  2. Mο»Ώost all sites are now used to sell the person. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it means that all the beautiful site belong to writers, artists, designers, personalities, self-help people, etc.
  3. There are some developer sites that have a decent amount of “this is who I am”, but even these tend to be resume sites, not just “looky here”. Type sites.

Best place to find simple sites was that we’ve been IndieWeb lists. So I think I have some ideas, just wasn’t sure it was going to be this hard. More to come…

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