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This Year, This Notebook

Not 100% sure what I wanted to do with this site. I’ve let it languish for a couple years and not sure why. Just had other things that have gotten in the way. So maybe this year will be different. Maybe not.

What I want to try is just dumping some stuff on here. My original vision for the site was to spend a good amount of time writing something meaningful. Some serious thoughts about what I wanted to say. But I spent too much time editing those and therefore completely losing my drive to write. That’s what I’m hoping to change this year.

Following the suggestion of 100DaysToOffload, the goal this year is to simply: Just. 👏 Write. 👏

I may not specifially participate in the 100DaysToOffload, but think the attempt may be fun to do. The hope is that I’ll put some more stuff on here to help out. I’ll probably start with tomorrow and throw out some items of the past. These will be so lightly edited, that I may have to edit them more later. Cross your fingers. 🤞 I’m giving it a try.

There is no try

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