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What Are Video Games Teaching Us?

I was listening to a podcast the other day that spoke about (as an aside) how video games effect daily activity. A number of points became seriously poignant to me when I really started thinking about what they were talking about. I hope to lay out some points of thought here. Preface I first need you to understand that I am not a video game sensationalist. I have seen the studies and seen other things shown, but I don’t believe that the violence in video games are destroying our youth. continue reading...

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Let's All Eat Cake

Ever heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”? What does that mean. Think about it, if I have cake… I’m going to eat it. Seriously, why can’t I have cake and eat it as well? I know I can… Lately I’ve been thinking about the things we say. Words have meaning. And although I’m a mess of incorrect word usage, things like this make me think a bit. continue reading...

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Why Don't I Post


You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much since getting the site up and running. That’s common. It happens on most people’s sites as they run out of time. I haven’t completely abandoned writing…but typing things out on the site has had its hurdles. So What’s Up? Time has gotten away from me. Yes, it’s an obvious excuse, but it’s true. But writing and time aren’t 100% what is going on. continue reading...

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To DH, or Not To DH

The question of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) use of the Designated Hitter (DH) is once again up for debate. ESPN spoke to all club managers and general mangers last winter meeting on the topic. Commissioner Rob Manfred threw out the option…then quickly took it back. This argument is probably as old as the 1973 rule change itself. It’s AL’ers vs. NL’ers, Progressives vs. Purists, Shift vs. No Shift, Republicans vs. Democrats, Cats vs. continue reading...

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2015 - Where do we go next?


So if you look at my old site you’ll see I made one post in 2015. One solitary post in January of that year, then nothing. There was a reason for that. If you read that post, you’ll see it was about simplifying my life. One of those things I did, was remove myself from blogging for a time. I don’t know if it helped or hurt, but it was one of the things I did. continue reading...

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