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Why Don't I Post

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much since getting the site up and running. That’s common. It happens on most people’s sites as they run out of time. I haven’t completely abandoned writing…but typing things out on the site has had its hurdles.

So What’s Up?

Time has gotten away from me. Yes, it’s an obvious excuse, but it’s true. But writing and time aren’t 100% what is going on. I have had time to write other things. I have a notebook filling up full of religious thoughts, emails full of political ramblings, and other things just lacking any completeness. I do have time to put thing down….just not much time to put it here.

Whereas, I like the process I have setup for updating this blog…I realized it’s not easily portable. I may or may not be able to write something up at work, I cannot work on my Chromebook, or I don’t own the computer in front of me. That leaves a bit to be desired in activity, so it’s something I’m looking at correcting.

Additionally, I’ve often shyed away from posting political or religious based posts on the site because of the polarizing nature of that type of content. Yet that’s a big part of life these days for me, so I’m reconsidering that stance. I’ve got some really good thoughts about things that are worth sharing and would love to share, but again, I need to consider the ramifications and make a decision from there.

So What’s Next?

Besides what I’ve already said, there may be a few other things to motivate me. Simply putting things down and out of my mind will hopefully help clear up my thoughts on this and that’s always a good thing. I’ve also been playing around with Vue.js and when I get more confident, I might refresh the site a bit. I tend to want to write following a site refresh. And I think I can open up the aperture a bit on the content I post and find some fresh things.

That’s the plan…but plans are made to be broken.

Wait, I don’t think I’m doing this right!

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