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About Me


Welcome! I’m glad you are here. I am a Mechanical Engineer in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area (DFW) working to make some brilliant new designs capable and manufacturable. My expertise is in Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GDT) and mechanical producibility. But enough about that, here’s some fun things about me and what I do around the net. Fun Facts Mechanical Engineer w/15+ years experience Husband to a beautiful wife Father to 4 great children1 Has a dog named Magic Head/Ovaltine Jenkins/Lavender Gooms/Hummingbird Saltalamacchia/Ghee Buttersnaps/Jazz Hands2 I play guitar I have a patent for a toilet. continue reading...

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Digital Garden


What is this? This is my digital garden, it’s like a notebook but curated more like a garden is built. Unlike the standard chronological order that is a blog norm, this is organized by complimentary objects. Things are near each other that compliment each other. Also, this shows my drafts that I’m currently working on. By displaying the drafts, you can see the post as it grows. Check out some of the top posts, or browse the various topics…Enjoy. continue reading...

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