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I Got A Newsletter!

So I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a newsletter but didn’t really like any of the options out there in circulating one. Yes, Mailchimp and other services aren’t difficult, yes things like TinyLetter make it even more simple…but what I really wanted to do is basically share links. I never really wanted to create content for a newsletter. Digging up all that content for a quality letter is a pain and what I really wanted is a simple way of curating links I find across the net for the week and sharing those.

What I found, is that doing that kind of sharing is actually pretty difficult. Goodbits has a pretty slick way of doing it, but it is still a level of work to get it included into the newsletter. What I would like is a simple way to grab the links, store them, then share them. Clean, no fuss…no mess…no special tools…minimal steps…etc.

Why a Newsletter

Where many people make link-posts on their blogs, I feel that clutters up the posts. I changed the name of my blog to “Notebook” because that’s what I want it to be. A collection of writings put down for posterity and public consumption…not anything necessarily for others, but more for me. So adding link posts, which is inherently for others, is kind of the opposite of what I’m shooting for.

Enter Refind

If you haven’t found Refind, you’re missing out. Refind is similar to other bookmarking services but adds what many lack. Powerful search and a great Discovery section. I used to like delicious, but always felt the related links or discovery aspect was lacking. I do use Pocket, but found it’s long term storage isn’t what it’s for. Refind does all this. The great thing about Refind is also that I get a newsletter baked right in. Every Sunday (or daily if you like), the collection of my saved links goes out to my followers. Currently, Refind is very tech related, but I keep posting things that I hope will help shift that to a broader audience.

Get the Newsletter

Follow this link:

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And you’ll get the links in your inbox. You can also sign up for Refind (if you’d like), but clicking the “Get Newsletter” link just uses your email…no signup required. Sometimes I may share 1 link, sometimes it may be 10 links. Either way, I think it will be good content to read. I will also save my own Notebook posts so you’ll catch those as well.

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