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My Favorite Sports Teams

For posterity sake, I figured I’d make the definitive list of the best sports teams and people ever. The best in the mind of me, Trae. If I did keep up with all these sports/leagues/people, then this would be who I’d follow. Yes, that’s right, I don’t follow all these. But I don’t really care about your opinion on the matter. This is driven by this particular data that I can easily update from time to time. So you’ll see my latest preferences in this post as I update it. Modification date is located at the bottom.


National Football League

Of course I pull for the Cowboys. Always have always will…even in the really crappy times.

Dallas Cowboys


Major League Baseball

I wasn’t always a Ranger fan. I had family in Houston and saw my first MLB game at the Astrodome. But in High School and more in College my fandom went to the true Texas team. And haven’t looked back. Also got my Mom enjoying the games!

Texas Ranger


National Basketball Association

Another team I didn’t always support. I didn’t have a true team for a long time, and since the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets were both better teams than the Mavericks throughout the 90’s, I waffled between the three. Around 2002, I finally committed to the Mavericks… don’t know why (they still weren’t all that great at that time), but have enjoyed watching them ever since.

Dallas Mavericks


National Hockey League

I was a Boston Bruins fan for no reason for a long time. Texas didn’t have a real hockey team and when the North Stars moved south, I didn’t join in. I didn’t even move over when they won the Stanley Cup! I’ve only been a Stars fan for around 5 years (at the time of this writing), and can’t say I miss the Bruins. Even when they weren’t doing well, watching the young team find there identity and deal with some of the veteran leadership they supposedly brought in was entertaining.

Dallas Stars


Major League Soccer

I held no soccer allegiance before moving to Dallas and as such never really followed the Hoops. But around 2010-2011-ish, I started following because of Brek Shea was doing some crazy awesome stuff prior to his English and Klinsmann meltdown. Since then I’ve kept up with their progress.

FC Dallas
English Premier League

Because I can unite in a group of people that maintain an extreme dislike for Tom Hicks. I figure that commonality would allow me to overlook any cultural differences if I were to attend a match…ever.

Liverpool FC


Sliced Bread my friends.

Joey Logano
Formula One

Great driver, rough team.

Daniel Ricciardo


International Cycling Organization

Don’t have super tight allegience to any team anymore as the American representation has dropped significantly.


Looking good as an All-Round cyclist.

Magnus Sheffield


Premiere Lacrosse League

So didn’t pay much attention to Lacrosse until my son started playing. Didn’t like Atlas originally because I felt they were getting all the coverage due to Paul Rabil. But recently I love the players, the play style, and the logo.

Atlas Lacrosse Club


Professional Golfers Association

Local boy, but who has time to keep up with golf.

Jordan Spieth



The Red Army, and by extension the Irish National Team…although I really should be pulling for the US.




World Tour

Need to look into this some more…taking suggestions.



All the Boxing Leagues

He just beats everyone.

Errol Spence Jr.
Ultimate Fighting Championship

Guys a beast in lightweight.

Islam Ramazanovich Makhachev
Updated: Monday - January 9, 2023

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