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Static Site CMS


Why is it that there are very few file based, git backed, content management systems (CMS) out there? I see all over people using Hugo, Gatsby, 11ty, Jeckyll, and more to run their static site. The common denominator on all of these? They prioritize the use of .md files and flat-file systems to house their content. Although most of these can operate by pulling remote data from an API, this wasn’t the primary function. continue reading...

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Website Builders


My son mentioned to me he wants a website. I’m all about that! I would love to offer him a place to call his own. But I don’t want to half-ass it. Growing up we had sites like GeoCities, Tripod, and others that allowed us complete freedom over the sites we made. And we had great tools to get us there. Where did all these tools go? Aο»Ώs I said, I didn’t want to skimp on him and get him something that extremely formulaic. continue reading...

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